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Frequently Asked Questions


Why online therapy?

A growing body of research shows that online therapy is safe and effective. As we are in the third year of the COVID pandemic, online therapy ensures that we can decrease our exposure to COVID while ensuring that you can continue accessing support. An additional benefit of online therapy is accessing therapists you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access due to geographic location. Having sessions online can make them more accessible as you no longer need to commute, and some people can feel safer being able to be in their own environment with their comforts. 

Zoom or phone sessions 

You can choose to have sessions via Zoom, which includes video and audio. This approach has the benefit of using an online whiteboard which can be helpful if we want to visually map out the things we are exploring in therapy or use visual psychoeducation tools. 

The other option is to have sessions via phone, which has the benefit of being able to sit wherever you feel the most comfortable and not having to sit at your computer. Some people find they feel more tired on video calls and prefer to have just audio instead. 

How long are therapy appointments?

The usual length of therapy sessions is a 50-minute clinical hour which allows 10 minutes for reflection of record keeping. If you prefer a slightly longer session, I also offer 65-minute sessions. 

What are your rates for therapy and advocacy services?

I offer a sliding scale for therapy rates as I recognise that not all people have equal access to resources and services due to a complex interplay of factors. The sliding scale ensures that therapy can be accessed at multiple price points depending on your circumstance. Click here to view my rates and payment policies.

You can also use the infographic below to reflect on which category best describes your financial circumstances. Alexis J. Cunningfolk developed this infographic, and you can learn more about the benefits of a sliding scale here.

Rates for advocacy services are calculated based on your hourly session fee rates calculated in 15-minute increments.

Sliding Scale Rates

Regular Rate

One on one $185

Two or more people $195

Lower Cost Rate

One on one $160

Two or more people $170

Concession Rate

One on one $120

Advocacy Services

Based on your session rate and charged at 15 minute increments.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment 24 hours notice is required or the full session price will be charged.